Have you ever heard of “Tech Neck”

There was a lot of news attention this summer with the reports of people growing “horns” on the back of their head as a result of too much texting.  It’s not surprising that the news reports were sensationalized, but you can’t ignore the fact that the time spent on screens is leading to more and more chronic neck pain.  It’s been called “text neck” or “tech neck”, but whatever you want to call it, it has become very problematic. 

The article below suggests that high schools are spending roughly 5,000 hours each year in this position!  Everyone should make efforts to get off their phone in order to prevent neck pain, headaches, and the development of arthritis. https://vegasinc.lasvegassun.com/news/2019/aug/25/neck-pain-is-just-a-text-away-are-bad-habits-hurti/

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